VACCINES CONGRESS Organizing Committee

Pierre A. MORGON

CEO & Founder
MRGN Advisors

Biography: Pierre A. MORGON is the Founder of MRGN Advisors. He is Chairman of th ReadMore...

Research Interest: Pharmaceutical, biological industry and in healthcare

Francisco Diaz-Mitoma

Chair of The Board of Directors
Bowhead Health, University of Alberta

Biography: Dr. Diaz-Mitoma is a renowned medical scientist and professor who most ReadMore...

Research Interest: Infectious disease, Immunology, Biotechnology

Ivana Haluskova Balter

Administrative Board Member
French society of immunology

Biography: Medical and cosmopolitan professional specialized in infectious diseas ReadMore...

Research Interest: Immunology

Olga Kubar

EFGCP Board member, Ex -member and Vice-chair IBC UNESCO
Saint-Petersburg Pasteur Institute

Biography: Prof. Olga Kubar is Head of the Clinical Department at Pasteur Institu ReadMore...

Research Interest: Ethical aspects of vaccination

John Nieland

2A Pharma

Biography: John D. Nieland, PhD, Associate professor, brings broad management exp ReadMore...

Research Interest: Immunology

J. Santiago Mejia

Lead Scientist
Oxford Immunotec

Biography: J. Santiago Mejia MD, PhD is a Research Scientist interested in the de ReadMore...

Research Interest: Development of diagnostic tests for infectious, inflammatory ReadMore...

Ronald Ellis

Chief Technology Officer
FutuRx Ltd.

Biography: Dr. Ellis has over 30 years of line and senior management experience i ReadMore...

Research Interest: Immunotherapeutics and Vaccines

Tong-Ming Fu

Senior Scientist
Merck and Company

Biography: Dr. Tong-Ming Fu is a senior scientist at Merck Research Laboratories, ReadMore...

Research Interest: Infectious Diseases and Vaccines Research

Eli Boritz

Chief, Virus Persistence and Dynamics Section (VPDS)

Biography: Dr. Boritz began his HIV research career in the mid-1990s as a summer ReadMore...

Research Interest: Genetic and gene expression analyses of viruses and host cel ReadMore...

Liliya Pekova

Lead, Dept. of Infectious Diseses
Trakia University

Biography: Prof. Liliya Pekova is a specialist of Infectious diseases and Epidemi ReadMore...

Research Interest: Vaccines and Infectious Diseases

Natalia Romanenkova

Virological supervisor of WHO Subnational Laboratory
Pasteur Institute in St. Petersburg

Biography: Natalia Romanenkova is the leading researcher of the department of vir ReadMore...

Research Interest: Microbiology,virology,Poliomyelitis

Pramod Jog

Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Standing Committee Member of IPA, Steering Committee Member of GAVI

Biography: Dr. Pramod Jog, M.D. (Ped), DNB(Ped), Prof. of Pediatrics a ReadMore...

Research Interest: Pediatrics

Nikolai Petrovsky

Director of Endocrinology Medicine
Flinders University

Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination

Biography: Nikolai Petrovsky MBBS, FRACP, PhD is an active hospital clinician, re ReadMore...

Research Interest: Vaccines

Michael G. Hanna

Founder, Chairman Emeritus
Vaccinogen Inc., USA
Discoverer - Developer, OncoVAX®
Director, Frederick Cancer Research Center (1975-1983)

Biography: Michael G. Hanna is the founder of Vaccinogen and the discoverer and d ReadMore...

Research Interest: Vaccines

Maurizio Chiriva-Internati

Director of the Basic and Translational research
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Biography: Maurizio Chiriva Internati completed his doctorates of immunology at t ReadMore...

Research Interest: Research is focused on developing new therapies for Multiple ReadMore...

Magdalena Tary-Lehmann

Chief Scientific Officer &
Co-Founder of Cellular Technology (CTL) Limited

Biography: Dr. Tary-Lehmann received her M.D. and Ph.D. in Immunology, both from ReadMore...

Research Interest: vaccines

Jagat R Kanwar

Professor in Nanomedicine at
Deakin University
Melbourne Area, Australia

Biography: Jagat Kanwar is an Associate Professor of Immunology & Cell Biology, a ReadMore...

Research Interest: Cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases targeted nanomedici ReadMore...

Geert Vanden Bossche

Founder of UNIVAC llc US
SPO in Vaccine Discovery

Biography: Geert Vanden Bossche obtained his DVM at the Veterinary Faculty of Ghe ReadMore...

Research Interest: Vaccines

Giulio Filippo Tarro

Foundation T. & L. de Beaumont Bonelli for cancer research

Biography: Giulio Tarro graduated from Medicine School, Naples University (1962). ReadMore...

Research Interest: Clinical and laboratory applied, Virology basic and diagnost ReadMore...

René Labatut

Vice President
Global Manufacturing Technology sanofi pasteur

Biography: René Labatut is commited since 26 years to the biotech industry wi ReadMore...

Research Interest: Vaccines

Akira Homma

Chairman Policy and Strategy Council

Biography: Akira Homma was born on August 12, 1939, in President Wenceslau, Sã ReadMore...

Research Interest: vaccines

Emmanuel Drouet

Professor of Virology
Université Grenoble-Alpes

Biography: Emmanuel Drouet, is professor of Virology at the University of Grenobl ReadMore...

Research Interest: Current research included the field of Hepatitis C Virus res ReadMore...

Marc Paul Girard

Honorary Professor, Paris 7 Denis Diderot University
Member of the French National Academy of Medicine and of the French Veterinary Academy

Biography: Marc P Girard received his doctorate in veterinary medicine at Paris U ReadMore...

Research Interest: Vaccine Research

Luigi Aurisicchio

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer
Takis S.r.l.

Biography: Luigi Aurisicchio, PhD, received his Laurea in Biology in 1996 at the ReadMore...

Research Interest: His research interests include the discovery, characterizati ReadMore...

Peter Timms

Professor of Microbiology
University of the Sunshine Coast

Biography: Professor Timms is a nationally and internationally renowned microbiol ReadMore...

Research Interest: His research group is developing vaccines and new diagnostic ReadMore...

Giampietro Corradin

Group leader
University of Lausanne

Biography: Giampietro Corradin graduated in chemistry at the University of Padua ReadMore...


Nikolai Petrovsky

Director of Endocrinology Medicine
Flinders University

Biography: Nikolai Petrovsky MBBS, FRACP, Ph.D. is an active hospital clinician, ReadMore...

Research Interest: Pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes, Obesity and type 2 diabetes ReadMore...

Sheikh Mohammad Fazle Akbar

Principal Investigator
Toshiba General Hospital

Biography: Graduated in Medicine and Surgery from Bangladesh in 1980 and received ReadMore...

Research Interest: Immunology, Immune therapy, Heptatitis, Gastroenetrology, He ReadMore...

XL (Xiangliang) Lin

Founder, President / CEO

Biography: XL Lin serves as Director of Market Development for Esco Group. He fo ReadMore...

Research Interest: New products, New markets, New technology, Networking with n ReadMore...

Indresh K. Srivastava

Vice President, Process and Analytical Development
Protein Sciences Corporation

Biography: Dr. Srivastava joined Protein Sciences in 2012 as Vice President, Prod ReadMore...

Research Interest: Vaccine development

De-chu Christopher Tang

VaxDome LLC & Vaxin Inc

Biography: Dr. De-chu Christopher Tang is the Founder of VaxDome LLC and Vaxin In ReadMore...

Research Interest: His research focuses on development of the non-invasive drug ReadMore...

Yuzhang Wu

Institute of Immunology
Third Military Medical University


Biography: Yuzhang Wu has completed his Ph.D for Immunology at the age of 29 year ReadMore...

Research Interest: Immunology